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A WebQuest for 1st Grade Under The Sea

Susan Maytira Follett        


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You are a presenter on Bindi Irwin’s show at Sea World called ‘Under The Sea.’  There are so many different sea creatures that she doesn’t know where to start.  Join Bindi to help her share all you know about sea creatures.


Bindi Irwin is currently filming a children’s show called ‘Under The Sea.’  She needs presenters to help her host this program at Sea World.

As a guest presenter of Bindi Irwin’s ‘Under The Sea’ you will need to find out all you can about sea creatures and their environment.

You will produce a diorama of your chosen sea creature and its environment to help you present your research on Bindi’s show.




TASK 1:  Read ‘One Less Fish’ with the teacher.  Brainstorm with your class what we can find under the sea.


TASK 2:  In groups of two you will look at different sea creatures.  Click on each pictures to find out more.


Great Blue Marble Sea Animals has crab animations, plus sea animal animation, sea animal cartoons, sea animal images, sea animal facts, and sea animal sounds. CRAB  Click on the picture of the crab


 TURTLE  Click on the picture of the turtle



  OCTOPUS  Click on the picture of the octopus



TASK 3:  Now you have to choose 1 sea creature out of the 3 below to research.  Here are your 3 choices:



73dolph.gif - 17.59 K  DOLPHIN        SITE 1                            SITE 2


7Shark.gif - 19.52 K   SHARK                        SITE 1                            SITE 2



   SEAHORSE           SITE 1                             SITE 2



Task 4:  Find out all you can by clicking on SITE 1 and SITE 2 of your chosen sea creature.  You will need to know:


star fishWhat groups of animals does your sea creature belong?

star fishWhat does your sea creature look like?

star fishWhere does your sea creature live?

star fishHow does your sea creature move?

star fishWhat does your sea creature eat?

star fishHow does your sea creature reproduce?





Task 5:  Using art materials create a life-like sea creature in its environment (diorama).





Task 6:  Now you will decide who will talk about the information you found and present this on Bindi’s show.  Don’t forget to use your diorama!


You will be graded individually in your pairs using the following three point scale.





Research of sea creature

I included all information about my sea creature under the correct headings.

I include some information about my sea creature although some were under the wrong headings.

I included little information about my sea creature and did not put them under the correct headings.


Very neat and displays all parts of my sea creatures environment.

Neat and displays most of my sea creatures environment.

I really did not put the effort into my Diorama that I needed to.

Oral presentation

Spoke very clearly and I knew all about my sea creature.

Spoke clearly and knew most things about my sea creature.

I did not practise enough for my speech.




Congratulations and Well Done! Bindi was really happy with your help and hard work and would like to include you in future children’s shows.  You have saved the lives of our ocean animals by learning so much about them!

There are so many different sea creatures in the ocean.  What other interesting things can you find out about sea life? What other sea creatures could you research? Maybe you could do some more research and find some more interesting things to tell your class.  This way you can be ready for when Bindi needs you next!


Credits & References

This webquest was developed as part of e.Learning Futures course in a Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching at CQUniversity.  I would like to acknowledge the Course Coordinator Scot Aldred.  I would also like to acknowledge Julianne Krause.

This webquest is conducted in conjunction with the unit ‘Under The Sea.’  The tasks require the students to learn about sea creatures through research, diorama and an oral presentation.  This webquest was designed for a Year 1 class consisting of 17 students.  The majority of these students have high level reading skills and are familiar with different sea creatures.

This webquest is taught throughout the course of 4 weeks (this is based on a 35 minute lesson twice a week).  Students will use co-operative learning by working in pairs.

Resources needed included the book titled ‘One Less Fish,’ a computer lab with internet access and multimedia capabilities.

Still images and animated images were accessed from the World Wide Web.  These references are included below.

Included is a link back to The WebQuest Page and the Design Patterns page.  This is included so that individuals can acquire the latest version of this template and training materials.

We all benefit by being generous with our work. Permission is hereby granted for other educators to copy this WebQuest, update or otherwise modify it, and post it elsewhere provided that the original author's name is retained along with a link back to the original URL of this WebQuest. On the line after the original author's name, you may add Modified by (your name) on (date). If you do modify it, please let me know and provide the new URL.


Based on a template from The WebQuest Page
















star fish


73dolph.gif - 17.59 K


7Shark.gif - 19.52 K



Great Blue Marble Sea Animals has crab animations, plus sea animal animation, sea animal cartoons, sea animal images, sea animal facts, and sea animal sounds.


Aside from their 8 arms, octopus have large heads and keen eyes.